1. Dining Out: At O’Brien’s, Expect Seriously Good Food

    Thanks to Mother Nature and the "media"-rologists, the evening of our dinner at O'Brien's was one of those fabulous ones in which the words November and balmy can be used in the same sentence. As our group converged upon the long-established Main Street restaurant and watering hole, the discussion was about what we felt like eating for dinner. One of those decisions was to be made in an interestin…Read More

    Terra Walters for The Capital
  2. O’Brien’s Oyster Bar and Grill

    History permeates 113 Main Street, currently home to O’Brien’s Oyster Bar and Grill; it has seen over 200 years of Annapolis evolution. Built in 1774, the site was originally the Rose and Crown Tavern, where revolutionaries and royalists met. But O’Brien’s has much more history. In 1836 it became Sam’s café, the only dancing establishment in Annapolis at that …Read More

    Gilles Syglowski for What's Up? Magazine: Annapolis